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A gym with a Woman's Style  

Woman's Way 

Woman's Way welcomes all ladies from Crunch Fitness Come check us out!

Any questions e-mail [email protected] 

There will be no child care until further notices. 

For health safety reasons Woman’s Way for now is no longer going to provide Yoga mats and no longer have members leave their mats at the gym. All members must bring their own mats and take home their mats. So please if you do not have a mat go out and buy one. Do not count on Woman’s Way to provide one.

$175.00 for 3 months membership

$120.00 for 2 months membership

$50.00 monthly additional fees will apply.

Appointment only please call 973 305-1003

Work Out, Make Friends, Have Fun!

Woman's Way Fitness Center offers health and fitness classes in a fun and 

social environment.

Our facility gives you a chance to have fun in a non-intimidating atmosphere.

We are a ladies-only facility with a laid-back approach to fitness training. Join our classes. Experience what every female fitness buff in and around Wayne, New Jersey 

is raving about.

Be our Guest

Call us at 973-305-1003 and ask our friendly staff to reserve a guest pass for you.

Check out our class schedule and come visit us!